Who am I?

I have 17 years in design, research, and leadership roles creating new products, services, experiences and businesses. I work in the Greater New York City area.

How can I help you?

I bring a diverse background in product design with a deep desire to connect people’s needs to modern business value. I like to think my hybrid background helps me be on the leading edge of helping corporations see culture shifts by merging analytical with creative thinking.

I embrace our customer, exploration, and testing ideas. I see the world differently from many of my corporate counterparts and I use that as an advantage to make sure the best solutions for the company move forward.

How did I get here?

I have always been interested in the creative fields; even receiving numerous scholarships to attend advanced adult level artistic training as early as grade school. In 2000, I worked on an internship for Microsoft conducting user research and concept ideation with a group that went on to develop the first Windows Mobile phones. In 2001, I received a BS in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University and shortly after was hired at Innovative Office Products, a global manufacture of furniture accessories for the office and healthcare markets. There I helped to transform an engineering centric company into a design-driven organization that is now a major player in their industry. Around 2007 I eventually built a ground up in-house design group and was placed in charge of executing all product development initiatives becoming a design resource for Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Steelcase, Haworth, and IBM. In 2012, I joined Kaz’s Global Design & Innovation team where I was focused on developing solutions, branding, and experiences for Honeywell, Vicks, Braun, and PUR. In 2015, I took a role at Verizon to execute new product delivery. In 2016, I earned an MBA with a focus in Strategic Design.


I’d be happy to hear from you! You can catch me on LinkedInemail, or Twitter.

My portfolio is view-able by invitation only. Please contact me if you interested in seeing my work in greater detail.


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